ACAC '22

17th Athens Colloquium on Algorithms and Complexity

August 25-26, 2022

National Technical University of Athens



ACAC is an annual meeting in Athens aiming to bring together researchers working in all areas of the theory of algorithms and computational complexity. It serves as a lively forum for presenting research results that are in a preliminary stage or have been recently accepted / presented in some major conference. Contributions may appear, fully or partially, in informal electronic proceedings available only to the participants (subject to authors' approval). The language of the workshop is English.


There are no registration fees. However, participants should register for administrative purposes, by filling the registration form no later than 20/8.


Participants interested in giving a presentation should register, providing a tentative title and a short abstract,in text or latex format, either in the registration form (click the "Would you like to give a talk?" checkbox), or by sending an e-mail to, no later than 15/8. The organizers will make every possible effort so that all interested participants present their work (subject to scheduling constraints).

Topics of interest

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of Algorithms, Randomized and Approximation Algorithms
  • Computational Complexity
  • Data Structures
  • Cryptography
  • Graph Theory
  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Computational Geometry
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Algorithmic Algebra and Coding Theory
  • Theoretical Aspects of Databases
  • Computational Biology
  • Quantum Computing
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Applications of Logic


  • Important Dates

    Registration Deadline: 20/8
    Submission Deadline:    15/8

Organizing Committee

  • Dimitris Fotakis
  • Elias Koutsoupias
  • Evangelos Markakis
  • Aris Pagourtzis
  • Stathis Zachos
  • Vassilis Zissimopoulos

Local Arrangements

  • Antonis Antonopoulos
  • Pourandokht Behrouz
  • Angeliki Chalki
  • Sotiris Dimos
  • Aggeliki Mathioudaki
  • Giannis Papaioannou
  • Petros Potikas


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For submission and further details please contact the organizers by email to


Would you like to give a talk?  





ACAC will take place in the Multimedia Amphitheater of the National Technical University of Athens, located in the basement of the building of NTUA's Central Library. See the map below:

You can arrive at the Central Library by various ways:

By public transport:

The easiest way is by taking the Blue Metro line and getting off at the "ΚΑΤΕΧΑΚΗ" station. Then take the bus 242, get off at stop "ΘΥΡΩΡΕΙΟ" and walk 5 minutes towards the Central Library.
Another option is to take the bus 140 from the "ΚΑΤΕΧΑΚΗ" metro station and get off at stop "ΠΟΛΥΤΕΧΝΕΙΟΥΠΟΛΗ". Then get into the campus and walk 10 minutes towards the Central Library.

By car:

You can use this google map to get directions from Alimou-Katechaki Avenue.