Corelab Seminar



The Corelab Seminar is an informal seminar organized by the Computation and Reasoning Laboratory. Its scope encompasses all areas of Theoretical Computer Science, and it is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members alike. Distinguished speakers are often invited to give lectures based on their recent work.

  • When: On Mondays, at 17:15 (but check also the talk schedule below).
  • Where: This year, we combine online (Webex) and in-person attendance (Room 1.1.31, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens).

If you wish to give a talk or be notified of upcoming talks, please send an e-mail either to , or to whoever is currently serving as Seminar manager (see sidebar).


  • [Nov 22nd, 2021] Seminar begins. First talk is on Monday 22/11 at 17:15!
  • [Nov 22nd, 2021] The seminar will be held online (with Webex) on Mondays, unless otherwise announced. Details will be sent by email.


Date* Speaker/Title
May 3rd Anastasios Kyrillidis (Rice University)
Distributed Neural Network Training via Independent Subnets (abstract)
Dec 22nd Giorgos Amanatidis (University of Essex)
Allocating Indivisible Goods to Strategic Agents: Pure Nash Equilibria and Fairness (abstract, video)
Dec 20th Argyris Mouzakis (University of Waterloo)
Advances in Private Statistics: The Case for Private Covariance Estimation (abstract, slides, video)
Dec 13th Fivos Kalogiannis (NTUA)
Min-Max Optimization in Two-Team Zero-Sum Games (abstract, video)
Dec 6th Giannis Fikioris (Cornell University)
Incentives in Resource Allocation under Dynamic Demands (abstract, video)
Nov 29th Alkis Kalavasis (NTUA)
On Learning and Covering Sums of Independent Integer Random Variables (abstract, video)
Nov 22nd Aris Filos-Ratsikas (University of Liverpool)
On the Complexity of Consensus-Halving and Necklace Splitting (abstract, video)

*Unless otherwise noted, the talks take place at the time and place specified under section "Information". For more information, please contact the Seminar manager.